Candice (skeletonskills) wrote,

Strange how when you're left with nothing and you realize that most of your "friends" are fake assholes.. that your family is right there behind you. I love my family SO much. They're honestly the best support group out there.

Got a phone call the other morning at 4.. I was so happy. He said that one of the guys from newspaper was actually one of his friends and I'm guessing that that's why he couldn't get online or call for a while.. have to alert the family and all before it leaks out or whatever. But I sent off a Halloween package for him the other day and am starting to build up a "collection" of stuff to send in my next package. He likes bowl ramen so I bought him a few of those :)

I don't know if it's good or bad but I'm kind of getting used to being alone. For now, at least. I DO know that when he gets back, life will get back to it's bubbly old self again.

Damn. I'm in a pretty good mood.
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