Candice (skeletonskills) wrote,

I miss holding hands and I miss taking naps. It's not even about sex even though people seem to think I'm ALL about that. Just because I like it doesn't mean my life revolves around it. I just miss little things. Cute things.. kisses on the forehead, eating pizza and playing video games. What the fuck, when I'm finally happen, I get all of this shit thrown at me. Guess you gotta work for everything that you really want, huh? I'm just not used to feeling so left out and I guess you could call it unwanted. I'm being selfish though because I know he thinks of me and that I'm a BIG part of his life.. I'm just being stupid.

On top of me being a selfish asshole, I tested positive for tuberculosis and I go in to start my 6 month treatment tomorrow morning. Woop dee doo. Shit.
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