Candice (skeletonskills) wrote,

It's hard to look at myself in the mirror even though I know that this is what a healthy person looks like. It's hard not to be stick thin anymore. But.. this is for the better. And I'm tired of being hungry all the time.

Eeeh.. about two and a half months down.. four and a half until Matt gets back. He sends letters and I sent him motomail which helps us both a lot. I'm starting to forget what it's like to actually be able to touch it. I just keep reminding myself of how amazing it's going to be when I get to see him for the first time again. I swear to whatever the fuck is out there, I'm going to be the happiest girl on this planet.

Been working out every other day.. and actually, I REALLY like working out. I guess you could even say I LOVE it. It's the one thing that makes me feel good about myself during this time in my life.
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